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The Le Til Mansion is an ideal location for corporate events in the heart of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county.
Conferences, workshops, team-building trainings, tradeshows, exhibitions, concerts, product and book launches, sports days, family events, press conferences, presentations, partner meetings, gala and closing dinners, celebrations…
The Mansion is an archetype of quality and elegance thus a worthy representation of the standard You also stand for.
The acoustics of our ballroom is excellent for hosting presentations and concerts. State-of-the-art technical facilities and services to capture the event are available upon request.
We will assist you in arranging the events to make the most out of your pleasant stay and to achieve your desired goals.
Our expert team is at your service from the branding to arranging the programmes through organizing the transfer and even ensuring the professional programmes.
One of the most imposing locations in Eastern Hungary,
with spectacular interior spaces and charming surroundings guarantees a high standard for accommodating Your event.
You do not have to deal with professional programmes or technical facilities as our team will satisfy requests at the highest standard.
We will provide complete arrangements to motivate your colleagues and to strengthen team spirit by organising trainings perfectly suitable for identifying with the objectives of the organisation and acquiring creative thinking.

What could be like to celebrate in an "own mansion"?



Private mansion rental: family events, birthdays, name days, anniversaries, bachelor- and bachelorette parties.

Guests can take over the entire area of the mansion for a day and imagination is the only limit to the programme possibilities We will ensure exclusive access as well as food and beverage catering for the entire day and you can spend the empty moments in the company delightful music and wine or in the enchantment of our cocktail bar. At the end of the day there is possibility to hold a private party even with special guest star.

You will surely find the most suitable for You in our package deals, as we offer ones from a few hours up to several days. However, if you wish to make all your ideas and dream a reality, we will guarantee a customised offer for You so that your event can be arranged exactly the way you have imagined it.



The perfection carries exterior classicist features while it has baroque tones in its spirit and breathes hipster playfulness. An experience to be in, which lasts a lifetime…
Located among lush slopes in a park covering several hectares, white princess, in Biri a village in the heart of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county.
An experience to be in, which lasts a lifetime…
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