An experience that will captivate you forever!

- Le Til Mansion

Refined elegance, youthful boldness, form-breaking style,
the snow-white princess is unparalleled in her kind.

A sensual blend of classically elegant and radiant bohemian style notes with extravagant elements. Beyond the snow-white robe, baroque sounds in its soul and hipster playfulness swirls in its breath.

A cosmopolitan castle for hosting 150 and accommodating 40 people, built in the spirit of style and elegance, in an unparalleled environment that satisfies all needs, in the village of Biri, on the border of peace, quiet and tranquillity.

The mansion is a XXI century perfection, to be in it an experience that will forever captivate you…

The #WeekdayWedding by Le Til Mansion is the perfect choice for you if you wish to keep it traditional, but not afraid to go against them either in order to create something really unusual.

A #WeekdayWedding is for you if you want to connect your life on a special anniversary, even if that day in 2021 happens to be a Tuesday.