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Le Til Kúria - céges rendvezvény helyszín

The perfection carries exterior classicist features while it has baroque tones in its spirit and breathes hipster playfulness.

Located among lush slopes in a park covering several hectares, a white princess, in Biri, a village in the heart of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County.

Once upon a time… When fairies, goblins, unicorns, dwarves, wizards, witches, one-eyed, multi-eyed and all sorts of strange monks still lived here among us. When their peculiar existence was not even peculiar, for man was also only one, among the peculiar monks. Miracle was reality, and reality was a miracle. We saw, but not only with our eyes, we heard, but not only with our ears, we felt, but not only with our hands. We all lived in unity with the universe.

But one day someone came. Someone who wanted to write this world with a pen. To put on paper the dance of fairies, the whimsy of goblins, the miraculous power of the horns of unicorns, the underground treasure of dwarves, the magic of wizards… He put it on paper and said that it is a tale. Then the thread was torn. The thread that held us all together. Man became man, seeing with his eyes, hearing with his ears, touching with his hands. And fairies, goblins, unicorns, dwarves and wizards… are fairy tales.

A fairy tale for children, enclosed in books. Fairies, goblins, unicorns, dwarves, wizards, witches, one-eyed, multi-eyed, then set out in search of a new homeland. A shelter where they can live in their own reality. Where a miracle is reality, reality can be a miracle again. They migrated for hundreds of years. For hundred years and in the meantime, many of them failed.

But eventually it became a house, or rather a palace, with its doors open. The LeTil Mansion. A refuge built up of nothing but true love. True love, which is like the heart of a small child. It beats not only around the heart, but in the whole body of the lover, in the whole being, and even beyond. That’s why he’s able to reach out to a world that others just think is a fairy tale.

They live there and wait for those whose hearts are beating elsewhere.


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