We believe that one of the most important steps in wedding planning is finding the perfect venue. Rural intimacy and idyll, magnificent luxury, a romantic outdoor chapel, modern elegance and hipster playfulness all characterize the unique milieu of the monumental building and magical garden of the fabulous Le Til Mansion. However, in addition to the charm of the castle and the surrounding green area, we feel that the wide range of our exclusive services and unique ways of thinking, which can be used within the framework of our package offer, give the real identity of Le Til Mansion.

The Mansion is much more than a wonderful wedding venue. For us, the perfection of the big day: the precise organization, the beautiful workmanship, the perfect fit of every little mosaic together into a light, relaxed and forever memorable experience. Le Til Mansion is the dream wedding itself imagined by couples.

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Wedding Planning

In addition to the wonderful venue, we will do everything from the first meeting with the Mansion team to make your dream wedding come true just as you imagined. In the name of the perfect wedding, our offer includes the provision of a full range of wedding planning services at no extra cost, so you can count on us in all key areas to ensure that an easy and stress-free preparation awaits you.

It is important for us that every little moment of your wedding is unique and reflects your own individuality, for which we are happy to hold hands and be with you during the complete outline and execution of the wedding concept. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to involve the best professionals in many related fields, ensuring the magical realization of a civil ceremony from the decoration of a romantic chapel to the creation of fabulous chairs and seats.

If you wish, we will help you design and print creative materials – invitations, seating cards, signs – and even create a wedding website with unique graphics that perfectly matches the paper-based creations. On request, we make sure that your invited guests have unique thank-you gifts on the tables, and you don’t have to worry about the technical background of the party until dawn: we pay attention to every little detail, implementation is not an obstacle for us.


There is no question that one of the important pillars of the perfect wedding is the impeccable menu line, the compilation of which – from the finger foods to the dinner all the way to the midnight menu – and the provision of the entire service staff is also included in our offer.

We try to offer options that satisfy all needs, both in our menu offer and in the service methods. In order to do so, our guests can choose from a variety of serving methods, which, of course, are incorporated into the agenda of the big day. For those who like traditional dinners, we recommend our served dinner, during which we serve all the dishes of the pre-selected menu to the guests. At the same time, we provide the opportunity to have a seated dinner buffet, in the spirit of which guests are free to choose from the delicious dishes of a dinner menu consisting of a wider selection of dishes, contributing to our beautifully composed buffet. For those who prefer the intimacy of the festive atmosphere and the casual atmosphere of the buffet meal, there is also the possibility of a dinner with a combined service.

As well as dreaming of exterior and interior decoration, we are maximally tailored to the needs of the young couple in the design of the complete wedding menu. For young people and families who like modern gastronomic experiences, we have dreamed up our ‘Aktualetil’ menu, which includes a seafood specialty such as a goose liver gerbeaud with dark chocolate mousse or a heavenly game stew from the midnight menu. For couples who like traditional flavours, we recommend our menu, called ‘Hungarikúria’, which consists of many alternatives, which of course includes such delicacies as the Hungarian platter of mixed appetizers, the eternal classic beef tartare with divine homemade baguette served as an appetizer, or “Újházi’ chicken soup with homemade twisted noodles.

Of course, in both cases we also pay attention to the individual needs: we also offer plenty and exciting variations for our guests who eat vegetarian, vegan and allergen free meals.

As already mentioned, for us, the Le Til Mansion is a precisely designed and beautifully executed dream wedding itself. In the light of this, we do not look at the tasks that arise during the implementation separately, for us every small building stone is interconnected, and it is an important element of the whole mosaic. Thus, many of the extra items on the menu, strictly speaking, are part a real decor in the Mansion: our wonderful donut wall, exclusive fruit island, candy bar with heavenly sweets and spectacular cocktail island not only serve delicious snacks and heavenly drinks, but are also part of the interior decoration.

You don’t have to give up the delicious snacks the next day of the wedding, we prepare fresh, tasty breakfast variations for our hotel guests on request.


Even a beautiful wedding venue in itself will only become perfect if we dress it in the right gown. In all cases, our prices include the dreaming and realization of the complete exterior and interior decoration, which is no secret that it is one of our favourite tasks. When it comes to fresh flower decoration, you will definitely be in the best hands with István Szálku (István Szálku Floral Design), one of the dreamers of our mansion, as the interior, as a stylist and florist, realizes your most unique ideas with a wonderful taste. You will feel the captivating, all-encompassing passion from the very first moment, he especially likes bold, thematic solutions, but even couples who prefer refined elegance are guaranteed to love his always harmonious and precise, breathtakingly beautiful creations.

Designing the theme of the wedding decoration, decorating the romantic outdoor chapel hidden among the green slopes surrounding the Mansion, dreaming of the atmosphere of the ballroom, realizing the table decorations and perfectly harmonizing every little detail is part of our basic service.

In addition, of course, it is possible to include a number of unique decorative solutions: on request, we make the outdoor ceremony even more memorable with our petal scattering or petal cannon service, pigeon or butterfly release, but we also provide an intimate night ceremony. , with fabulous lights, twinkling candles or a unique fire show, we will make the most beautiful day of your life unforgettable


The practicality of our mansion is that from the moment of arrival you can experience all the important moments in one place: our suite is home to intimate moments of preparation, our fairy-tale, elegant rooms and beautiful park are perfect venues for wedding photography, our outdoor chapel will keep the memory of the party until dawn, while our exclusive rooms will ensure a peaceful rest after the wedding.

During your booking you could not only look at the fabulous castle as a wedding venue, on the day of the event you will have comprehensive of the presidential suite (2 people) in the main building of the Mansion to prepare completely free of charge along with a wonderful Mediterranean-style pool in the courtyard.

Completed in the summer of 2020, our boutique rooms with a unique atmosphere will further enrich the unparalleled inner charm of the Mansion, and thanks to our expanded chambers and our on-site guest house, we are now able to accommodate 40 people.


We couldn’t imagine a more fabulous environment for your creative photography: the charm of our playful rooms surrounded by snow-white curtains fluttering in baroque elegance, the monumental columns rising high in front of the castle building.

That is why many couples choose our mansion as the venue for their wedding photography, which is available free of charge for couples experiencing the beauties of the big day, without additional rental costs. We know how important it is to experience the charm of the moment during the wedding, but there is no more intimate experience than recalling the most defining moments among your loved ones afterwards, and to relive the most beautiful memories with the help of photos and videos. That’s why we offer our newlyweds the opportunity to take their photos and videos free of charge on a day other than their wedding day, the latter being the exclusive privilege of Le Til weddings.

What’s more, we will even help you to dream and organize events related to your wedding: we are at your disposal for the realization of the wedding photography, for the organization and recording of bachelor and hen parties.

Photos: Bella Rose Photogaphy

Le Til Kúria - céges rendvezvény helyszín

All in all, we believe that Le Til Mansion is not just a beautifully composed wedding venue, but rather a complex service in which uniqueness and the pursuit of perfection are paramount, unceasingly, in every little moment.

It is extremely important to us, and in any case part of the offer, to use our many years of professional experience to help you with every little step and make your most beautiful dreams come true exactly as you imagined as a little girl.

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