elegance and style
The cosmopolitan castle was built with style and elegance...
in a tranquil setting in the village of Biri.
In the mansion and its garden...
You can take unparalleled photos for a publication, book, magazine, catalogue among the walls of the mansion, on the magical terrace or in the lush park but it can also serve as a location for shooting a commercial, video clip, short film or feature film or possibly a private filming as well.
The mansion and its garden are all at your service day and night.
Naturally, aerial shots can also be made over the entire air space of the mansion with appropriate safety precautions. There is even possibility for private rental upon request.
Looking for an engagement, wedding creative, maternity, Christmas, Valentine’s day or simply a location for family photos?
Regardless of the occasion, the Mansion could be an ideal choice for You.
Special surprise for children, a nice gift for the family and intimate moments for the participants
this is possibly the best way to summarise our photo shoots which can be accompanied by decoration fit for the occasion. Thus the celebratory mood is guaranteed and the guests can really let their fantasies to free in a fabulous environment.


The perfection carries exterior classicist features while it has baroque tones in its spirit and breathes hipster playfulness. An experience to be in, which lasts a lifetime…
Located among lush slopes in a park covering several hectares, white princess, in Biri a village in the heart of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county.
Benne lenni élmény, mely örökre magával ragad...
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